Glass, an app for those who miss Instagram of the old times

Glass, an app for those who miss Instagram of the old times

Instagram is no longer a photo sharing app. If you still doubt it, Instagram Manager Said text last month. Under the auspices of Facebook, the application has evolved into an instant messaging, video platform and shopping service. Is this too much for you who just want to show your pictures to your friends? A new app may win your heart.

Created by a former Facebook designer and back-end engineer, glass Directly aimed at people who are frustrated with Instagram. The app is focused on sharing photos: no videos, no ads, not even likes.


“If we launch a similar feature [aux likes], it will remain private. We intentionally avoid displaying public meters, explains designer Tom Watson to blogger Om Malik. We don’t want Glass to turn into a popularity contest. We don’t welcome influencers, we welcome photographers. “

Highlights EXIF ​​data (camera model, ISO, aperture, etc.) of shots to foster conversation about glass shots. The two creators hope to mobilize an eclectic community of amateur and professional photographers.

To avoid hype and the race to reach the audience, the subscription model was chosen: Glass costs €4.99/month or €49.99/year. The first year for its launch is €30.99. Thanks to their equity financing, Tom Watson and Stefan Borsje also hope to survive. “Settlement” And this “pivot for video or other” Often requested by outside investors.

They also promise that they do not intend to sell the glass if successful, or only to a company that shares similar values. Take the example of Tom Watson Diary Day One which Fell in Automattic’s pocket, A group “Which allows its subsidiaries to continue to operate in the best interest of their communities. “

The hardest part begins for Glass, which has to be assembled by enough users to be viable. The small publisher uses a well-known technique to enhance mayonnaise and optimize it as best as possible: the application is currently by invitation. Those who do not have the invitation can register on the waiting list. and like club house In what was the last little sensation of community apps, Glass only starts with what’s available on iphone.

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