God exists, but the decision on churches shows that Tinhoso controls the Supreme Court – 04/04/2021

God exists, but the decision on churches shows that Tinhoso controls the Supreme Court - 04/04/2021

God created the world in seven days simply because there was still no Supreme Court. Today, it will take forever. In Brazil, each divine decision will be subject to review by eleven deities whose performance is marked Self destructive fragmentation. Supreme specialized in undoing itself.

No In which he ordered the churches to reopen, Cassio Nunes is denied the unanimous decision of Marques’s plenary STF, Which gave governors and mayors the power to implement restrictive measures in an epidemic.

Though the vaccine progresses at the speed of paraplegic turtles, it dreams of mass vaccination against Brazil Coronavirus. But only a miracle will free the country from the virus of the highest democratic, from the prohibition of the supreme. Unfortunately, they have not yet invented the vaccine against pathology Cocky.

Eight out of every ten supreme decisions are different democracies in the law-enforcement jargon. In practice, 11 are the highest. They usually preform each other, creating instability. When they ignore the position of plenary, they offer society the opposite of what the judiciary would expect: legal uncertainty.

Even the Statue of Justice, a stone monument that adorns the Prasa dos Trodes Podres, knows that Bolsanaro’s favorite minister’s decision will fall when it is taken in full. Cassio’s dispatch reinforces Tubena’s strength that the magistrate had drunk alcohol with Bolsonaro before being nominated to the Supreme Court.

The question is, how many pits does the minister-tubena need to fill with his beneficiary on an average? There are two countries on the same piece of the map: the epidemic Brazil, which loses the war to the virus; And Bolsonaro’s country, which does not suffer from insanity, enjoys it. Cassio is a character from Crazy Brazil.

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God, as we know it, exists. It continues everywhere. But he is no longer working full-time. The decision on the presence of services and the public in person suggests that it is Tinhoso who controls the Supreme Court.

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