Google made it possible to find helpful settings on Android

Google made it possible to find helpful settings on Android

Google Assistant is a very useful tool for many people in the Android ecosystem, but it has always lacked the ability for users to discover its settings.

Google seems to be changing now. It’s not necessarily spread. And there seems to be at least one potential need that should be there if you want the ability to search through Google Assistant settings on your Android smartphone or tablet.

Your device may need to be on the beta version of the Google app. And not just a beta version The latest beta That being said version, it appeared to us on at least one device, and that device is not in the Google App Beta. However it is stable on the latest version of Google App. At the time of writing the version is 11.40.29.

A search bar will appear at the top of the Google Assistant settings page on Android

If you open the Google Assistant settings page on your Android device, you’ll see a search bar at the top of the page above your account icon.

Writing something in this area doesn’t always bring anything. For example, typing “turn on“It doesn’t get any results. However, this is usually a request from Google if you want to turn on the kitchen lights before you get there.

However, if you type word lights in the search field, you’ll find options for managing home control devices, such as smart lights, or any other type of smart home product such as thermostats, fans, and more.

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You will also get results if you type in word play. The results that pop up include icons associated with the action. Such as light bulbs for home control, a music note for playing music, etc.

The routine page in the wizard settings is getting a UI tweak

Updating routine page for Google Assistant settings. This is going to be another thing that will not reach more users.

For most users, the routines page should have a series of colored icons in front of each routine. Whether they are readymade or not. But the new design changes each icon to the same color. Each component is placed inside a card to make things look more consistent.

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