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What changes do Google Photos have with the expiration of unlimited storage?  |  Technology

Google gotos Unlimited storage for photos and videos ends in high definition this Tuesday (first). These files will now also be counted in the space available on the service.

The change was announced by Google In December 2020. At the time, the company said that this measure was necessary due to the increase in storage demand.

a Platform will continue to offer 15 GB free And an additional 2 GB for users performing security checks. However, More files will be considered on this limit.

End of Unlimited Storage

In Google Photos, you can store files in two ways: in Core quality, Which saves photos and videos in the resolution with which they were taken, and in high definition, Which, despite the name, slightly reduces the quality of the files so they are lighter.

The platform already counts in the original quality of each user over the range of space occupied by photos and videos. High definition files saved until this Tuesday (first) will also be considered. – Those previously stored move without being counted towards the border.

According to Google, most users will not be affected by changes in the short term. The company says that at the current speed of storage, 80% of users will be able to keep the plan free for the next three years.

How much does a paid plan cost?

The free space provided for Google Photos also serves to store information from Gmail and Google Drive. You Users who exceed this limit and wish to stay on the Google service must subscribe to the paid service plan.

Google Photos prices range from R $ 6.99 per month (100 GB) and R $ 34.99 per month (2 TB).

In addition, other storage services provide free plans and after a certain consumption, membership is required to be adopted.

Microsoft’s OneDrive offers 5 GB free and family plans have payment plans ranging from R $ 9 monthly (100 GB) to R $ 35 monthly (6 TB).

Apple’s iCloud also releases 5 GB free. The service’s payment plans range between R $ 3.50 per month (50 GB) and R $ 34.90 per month (2 TB).

How to free up space in Google Photos

In some cases, in order to stay within the free limits and not require a paid Google Photos plan, you will need to delete some files from your account.

One of the options is to manually delete photos and videos, analyzing everything stored in the account. Another option is to use the facility offered by the application. Here’s how to free up space in your Google Photos account:

  1. On the app’s home screen on Android or iOS, tap on your profile photo;
  2. Select the item “Account storage”;
  3. See the “Analyze and delete” section;
  4. Access one of the categories and remove the desired images.

With this option, Google Photos helps you quickly extract heavy photos and videos, blurry photos, screenshots, and files from other apps. This measure helps reduce the space occupied by files to distance themselves from the need to subscribe to subscriptions.

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