Google Photos will no longer be free for the next few days

Google Photos will no longer be free for the next few days
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Google Photos will no longer have unlimited free storage.

The novelty has been announced in November 2020 to the dismay of many users.

Thus, as of 1 June is scheduled as a service, storage that exceeds 15 GB will be the value to be assigned.

In addition, files stored in the service are not affected until the deadline. That is: only pictures sent from June this year will be valid.

This number is more than the number can be verified in other services: Apple’s iCloud, for example, only offers 5 GB for free.

However, for those who want to pay for more storage, the cost-effectiveness of Google Photos is quite interesting.

What are the features of each plan in Google Photos?

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Just to compare: iCloud R offers 50 GB for $ 3.50 per month; 200 GB for R $ 10.90; And 2 TB for R $ 34.90.

Thus, it is worth remembering that the service is associated with Google Drive, Gmail, and other company platforms.

In addition, for 2 TB plans or more, free VPNs are offered for Android or additional storage.

Finally, another big news is that most users do not need to transfer subscription plans immediately.

Thus, according to information received from the company, 80% of the people using the service do not reach the 15 GB limit for at least 3 years.

On the other hand, by using free plans for different services simultaneously, it is possible to circumvent the need to pay for more space.

Therefore, for those using OneDrive, 35 GB of free storage will be added to all, along with iCloud in Google One.

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How to save images to Google Photos?

Google Photos is the tool of choice for millions of users worldwide when it comes to saving and organizing images and videos of our lives.

This is a more interesting service than “Gallery in the Cloud”, thanks to functions such as “Memories”, a feature added by the platform and one that works.

This allows you to view memories of a specific subject in the form of stories in the purest Instagram style.

As Memoirs The platform brings additional value to the experience with the application for over a year and, over the months, we have seen how the application has produced new collections on a variety of topics.

Therefore, there are already many themes of images and videos that can be found in the application.

What are stage memories and how do they work?

At the top of the screen, you can find a carousel of painted images: this is the section that Google refers to as “memories”.

Thus, the topic is generated by Google via an artificial intelligence algorithm.

In this way, they scan the image file for similar people.

Therefore, they do it in such a way that they can be part of the same group within the stage.

All memory themes are available in photos.

In recent months, users of the platform have received many memories of various topics, among which are:

  • Sports scenes.
  • Heart of the city: the city and the metropolitan horizon
  • In the spotlight: on display Vivo, Sports or concert
  • Water: waterfalls, water parks and the like
  • Sand and sea: beach views
  • In the countryside: the plains and the agricultural scene
  • Roller Coaster & Attractions: Amusement Parks & Likes
  • Winter best
  • Cheers !: Group photo in restaurant or bar
  • In the forest: in view or view of trees
  • let’s Play!: sport group
  • On top of the world: on top of hills and mountain peaks
  • Magic Hour: Twilight images and clips
  • What to cook ?: In the kitchen, on the dining room table
  • Go out to play: children playing
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