Google tests robots that clean desks and organize chairs in offices. innovation

Google tests robots that clean desks and organize chairs in offices.  innovation

hey Google will depend on the help of robots to organize some of its offices in America, The company will use machines that were developed by X, its parent innovation division Alphabet, and that they can multi-task.

The division’s head of robotics projects at X, Hans Peter Brondmo, said in a statement that the division already operates more than 100 prototype robots in its offices. Appliances can perform a variety of tasks, such as organizing trash, cleaning tables, arranging chairs, and opening doors.,

“Now that we have seen signs that it is possible to build a general-purpose learning robot, we will move away from the rapid prototyping environment of X to focus on detail in some Google offices,” he said.

Created in the Everyday Robots Project, Robots will coexist with Google employees in the coming months As part of testing in an uncontrolled environment.

Machines have wheels to move and arms to handle objects. Above all, there are cameras and sensors that help in identifying the location.

X’s robot also organizes chairs in offices — Photo: Divulgação/X

The company says that its robot is different from others which are programmed to perform a specific task in a structured environment. Instead, the idea is that X machines are capable of functioning in different scenarios.

“We believe that for robots to be useful in the unstructured and unpredictable places where we live and work, they cannot be programmed: they have to learn,” Brondmo said.

“By using a combination of machine learning techniques such as reinforcement learning, collaborative learning and performance learning, robots have gained a better understanding of the world around them and become more efficient in daily tasks.”

X, an Alphabet company, says it operates more than 100 robots in its own offices – Photo: DivolgaCao / X

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