Green Arrow Fortinite Skin leaked in v15.10 Fortinite update

Looks like we’re going to get Fornate Green Arrow skin in the next few weeks.

Last season, Epic Games worked closely with Marvel for all seasons. The entire Season 4 Battle Pass was amazing as well as the places on the map. The season began with significant small marble landmarks, including the Collector’s Museum, The Transport Truck and more.

Later in the season, the Great Depression added Stark Industries, Frenzy Farm and nearby locations. Stark Industries introduced Iron Man Boss which gave the players a chance to get two of his mythological abilities.

Wolverine was later added to the map and other Marvel superheroes, perhaps the most difficult fornet bosses, had to deal with him because of his health and healing and he had to face his dangerous attacks.

Players had a chance to win some Marvel superhero skins, including Venom and Ghost Rider, by placing in the top 250 in the Marvel Knockout Series Cup. With the Marvel season over, players weren’t expecting more Marvel makeup. However, Black Panther and captain Marvel Fortnite skin has just been leaked.

Not only do we have that skin, but a DC skin is also a green arrow. Here’s a look at the upcoming Fortnite skin we know about skin so far.

Fornite Green Arrow Skin Set

The green arrow costume will be part of the DC series and from what we can see, it looks like there will be skin, back waterfall and a pickaxe. Here’s a glimpse of the makeup thanks to data minor Gill Gag:

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Green arrow fortinite skin
Green arrow fortinite skin

According to leakers, this could be part of Fortune Crew’s monthly subscription. If this is the case, expect Green Arrow Fornite Skin to be available in early January.

Here’s the gameplay using a skin in-game with a data minor:

Would you be buying a green arrow when it enters FortNet? We know in the comments section below!

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