Griezmann breaks ties with Huawei as Barcelona star cites fears over Uyghur treatment

Griezmann breaks ties with Huawei as Barcelona star cites fears over Uyghur treatment

French forward announces alarm over allegations that company’s technology infringes on the human rights of ethnic minorities in China

Antoine Griezmann has severed ties with one of his sponsors, Huawei, out of “strong suspicion” that he is developing technology that is oppressing China’s Uighur Muslims.

The Barcelona star went on social media to announce his decision Report That the telecommunications equipment company is tracking face-recognition software designed to improve surveillance of Chinese Uighurs.

Griezmann has condemned the alleged abuse of the Muslim minority group and called on Huawei to use its influence to address the human rights problem.

“After the suspicion that Huawei contributed to the development of ‘Uyghur Alert’ through facial recognition software, I am announcing the immediate termination of our partnership with the company,” said the French striker. . Instagram.

“I take this opportunity to call on Huawei not only to deny these allegations, but also to take concrete action as soon as possible to condemn this public repression and its impact on contributing to respect for human and human rights in society.” To use. ”

Huawei has responded to Griezmann’s offer by offering to sit down with the 29-year-old to clarify the situation, insisting the company would not tolerate any form of discrimination.

“Huawei is clearly saddened by Mr. Griezmann’s decision to end its relationship with the company,” the Chinese multinational said in a statement. The goal

“We would like to extend an invitation to speak to him personally, within the company, to explain the work currently being done at a high level, to address issues of human rights, equality and discrimination at all levels. , And reassure him and all our customers and partners that Huawei takes these concerns very seriously.

“The use of the document he cites in the news is totally unacceptable. It was not Huawei’s language, but a description of the work done by the company Magui. This is not in line with Huawei’s prices.

“Our technologies are not designed to identify ethnic groups. As a company, our bias is non-discriminatory.

“Furthermore, the person responsible for approving the document was not a Huawei employee but a subcontractor.

“It simply came to our notice then. He clearly did not match the values ​​of our company.

“The company has made great strides since then. In fact, Huawei is a signatory to UNGC, which states that ‘businesses must protect and support internationally declared human rights.’

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