Trai Young accuses Grayson Allen of deliberately hurting

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The end of the year is usually marked by votes of optimism and positivity. This did not happen last Saturday (26). In the duel between the Atlanta Hawks and the Memphis Grizzlies, a censure marked the match. Despite a 122 × 112 victory, Trae Young, the Hawks guard, Grayson Allen, a guard, but was upset by the rival team. All because of one dialect.

In Trai Young’s view, Allen deliberately tried to hurt her in a trick. That was highlighted on Twitter by the athlete himself:

(Tweet translation: “Hey … tell me what you are looking for! It has to stop!”

Feedback and History

Also on Twitter, Grayson Allen responded to Trae Young about the move. Responding to the opponent’s tweet, the Grizzlies athlete used an irony to defuse the opponent’s charge.

(The translation of the tweet: “Hey, this would really hurt a lot. I’m sorry. I hope you’re fine”.

Selected by the Utah Jazz in the 2018 NBA Draft, Grayson Allen played for the Duke Blue Devils at the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA). At university, he was punished on more than one occasion for intentionally stumbling upon opponents – according to the organization that regulates college sports in the United States.

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