Portugal seeks clarification on flight ban from Britain

Portugal seeks clarification on flight ban from Britain

Travelers to South America, Cape Verde and Panama cannot enter the region like today.

Mr shodo / asi / estado content Portugal has been restricting travel to Brazil for some time and states that this version has not yet been found in the country

Ban on flights from Brazil comes into force The uk in this morning. From four in the morning to 15 on Friday, people are coming South America, Cape Verde, Panama and Portugal They cannot enter British territory. The measure was detailed yesterday and is valid indefinitely. There are only a few exceptions: British citizens who were in these countries or who were also outside, but residence is allowed Great britain.

Connected flights are also blocked and the conservative government promises to oversee efforts to circumvent the rule. The decision was taken because of the new version of Coronavirus Found and originated in brazil Adventuress. In fact, the lack of oxygen in hospitals has also had a strong impact on the chaotic state of the Brazilian state Europe. Newspapers report disaster to explain the new types of risks found among Brazilians.

According to the table, South Americans were also affected. The conservative government took into account the fact that Brazil has borders with 10 countries. According to London, Portugal also entered because of strong ties with the Brazilians. This measure caused strong dissatisfaction among the Lisbon government, who have already sought an explanation from the British. Portugal Tourism has been prohibited by Brazilians for some time and states that this version has not yet been found in the country. Another point is that the Portuguese did not block flights from the United Kingdom when variants were discovered.

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So the Europeans were taken by restlessness and surprise with yesterday’s announcement. Meanwhile, the UK has already immunized around three million people against Kovid-19. Epidemic statistics, however, remain bleak. This Thursday, 14, more than 48,500 new cases were reported in the country with 1,248 deaths. The British economy is also in a state of disaster. Start The location shrunk 2.6% in November and is now 8.5% lower than before the epidemic.

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