GTA 5 RP: Cidade Alta will hold an LGBTQIA+ parade this Sunday. sport

GTA 5 RP: Cidade Alta will hold an LGBTQIA+ parade this Sunday.  sport

The Cidade Alta server, the most popular of GTA 5 RP here in Brazil, will hold a virtual LGBTQIA+ parade this Sunday starting at 8 p.m. The event will be attended by server players and other celebrities, such as ex-BBB 20 Marcella McGowan, singers Pepita, Kaia Konki and Lia Clark and influential divas Depression and Natalie Neri.

Location of the LGBTQIA+ parade in Cidade Alta — Photo: Publicity

The event will be organized by Outplay, which was already responsible for the party of So Joo do Cidade Alta in the month of May. This time, the aim is to celebrate LGBTQIA+ Pride Month, which takes place in June.

The project aims to honor LGBTQIA+ Pride Month, enable virtual socialization, open spaces for community, and connect youth culture with seasonal events in the gaming world – said Paulo Benetti, CEO of Outplay.

For those unable to attend the event, because the servers have limited access, it will be broadcast on influencer channels such as Samira Close, Malena, Rebecca Gamer, and on Facebook Gaming, Twitch, YouTube, and Sideshow Alta pages on Buyah.

It is worth noting that The Cidade Alta has an extensive waiting list And plenty of input is provided in pieces, with some tests for players seeking a place on the server. Vacancies are advertised on Cidade Alta’s social networks and “immigration” procedures take place from time to time.

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