GTA 6 gets a possible release date

GTA 6 gets a possible release date

GTA 6 may be announced very soon

gta v was released in 2013 and since then, the game has received both criticism and praise, especially for its online version. The announcement of a new Grand Theft Auto franchise may be nearing, with several updates to keep the masses entertained. rockstar games, long awaited, gta 6 According to new rumours, the announcement could be made next year.

Take-Two, the developer responsible for Rockstar Games, may have pushed the release date of the much-anticipated GTA 6. The rumor took root after analysts assessed what the company expects for financial results in the coming years. It may sound generic, however, one specific piece of information caught the attention of analysts. Given this, Take-Two forecasts a 14% annual rate growth in 2024.

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With this “little” information, analysts speculated that a major release could occur during fiscal 2024, which occurs between April 2023 and March 2024. “While there are only a few titles that can bring credence to such a forecast, we believe there is at least one Rockstar Intellectual Property forecast for fiscal year 2024,” the analyst said.

After being talked about surprisingly by the Rockstar founder gta 6According to ACCNGT, an insider who gave a lot of early information about games like Star Wars Eclipse also recently revealed new information about the game, however, disappoint the fans,

“Some people don’t understand how chaotic game development happens. I think it will be disappointing in some ways for many people (certainly not with the graphic). If the game is announced this year or early 2022. If done, we can be really worried.”

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