New Indian tensions could reinforce Kovid-19’s third wave in Campinas, Sayde says – daily

New Indian tensions could reinforce Kovid-19's third wave in Campinas, Sayde says - daily
Movement at Rua 13 de Mao this month in Campinas (Photo: Luciano Claudino / Codigo 19)

The new Indian tension – confirmed by the Maranho government on Thursday (20) in the state – could strengthen the third wave of Kovid-19 in Campinas, according to Devisa (Department of Health Monitoring). So far, there is no record of this type of circulation in the municipality or the state of São Paulo. Yesterday, the first cases of the variant in Brazil were detected in members of Zee’s MV Shandong crew, who remain isolated.

In total, there are six cases of this new Indian strain, of which five infected have been quarantined onboard. In Campinas, the original strain and P.1 version of the coronavirus are currently rotating – the latter being considered predominant in cases and deaths. It was confirmed at Campinas on 31 March.

According to Andrea von Zuben, director of Devisa de Campinas, if the Indian tension starts to circulate in the municipality, there is a chance that it will strengthen the potential third wave of the Kovid-19. In addition, a slight increase in the extent of the confirmed cases of the disease and vaccination against the disease in the past week – considered subtle.

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More vaccine

So far, Campinas has applied 266,212 first doses against coronaviruses. The second dose, called reinforcement, was given to 145,117 residents. And, even today, a study has reported that it may take about two years for Campinas to complete vaccination of Kovid-19. (Read more here).

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“There is a concern, yes. I think the way the third wave would not happen would have been vaccination if there was more than transmission capacity. But, we still have the vaccination limit. And, depending on the indicators that we are monitoring, There is a small increased respiratory and flu syndrome, ”she said.


This growth is still considered subtle and has been observed only last week. One of them, for example, is a small increase in the positivity of laboratory tests. Previously, Campinas had about 25 to 30 positive laboratory tests for every 100 made for the Kovid-19. This week, the number is around 31 (100 each).

Andrea said, “It’s a number that is attracting attention. It’s very subtle, we can’t say anything yet because our data is static. But it gives us a lot of attention. The probability of the third wave is real.”

Today Citi submitted a study to the FNP (National Front of Meyers) that shows the relationship of Campinas’ good performance during the second wave of Kovid-19 due to an analysis of preliminary monitoring indicators conducted by municipal health.


Because of this scenario, the devisa reinforces the need to maintain essential care from the epidemic, including a social distance of 1.5 meters, mandatory use of protective masks and hygiene of mothers – especially in the outdoor environment.

“We know there is epidemic fatigue, which is completely understandable. We have a 14-month epidemic, exhaustion. People want to see relatives and friends, and there is the wrong feeling that it’s safe. But We see many family outbreaks, therefore, it is necessary to consciously give up, wear masks and avoid physical contact ”, the director said.

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