WhatsApp for iOS gets new updates with better image viewing and more

WhatsApp for iOS gets new updates with better image viewing and more

The version of the WhatsApp application for iOS has received an update with improvements to the features available in Messenger.

In the last few days, there has been some news for the service and we have also seen that WhatsApp Pay – a payment platform created by Facebook – Finally come to Brazil. Now, the application reaches its version number 2.21.71 on the Apple operating system and from then on, users will start to notice some differences.

One of them is in relation to the message with images that are shared in conversations, which will appear larger, without the need to open. Earlier, a picture sent to the messenger appeared in a square format and with it, parts of the image were cropped. WhatsApp states that this update will benefit those who want to see more media without touching the screen to spread it.

Another novelty is that now all participants in the group can set the “self-destructive message” setting to the default. However, administrators still have full control and can make these changes on the Group Information Configuration page.

This novelty Implemented that week And, by default, they disappear in seven days if they are sent to a contact who has the feature enabled. WhatsApp Highlight, however, media files will not be removed from outside the chat, so it will still be possible to locate these documents in the gallery, for example.

So, have you received the news on your iPhone? Comment with us in the space below.

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