Hacker tried to poison Florida city water. National newspaper

Hacker tried to poison Florida city water.  National newspaper

The US Federal Police is investigating the action of a hacker who tried to spew venom throughout the city.

Imagine that a sink drain was usually unlogged to get a glass of water on the tap without knowing that you were about to drink lye.

This happened to approximately 15,000 residents of the small town of Olsamer in Florida. A hacker dashed into the computers of the water treatment plant and, according to the local sheriff, increased the concentration of caustic soda in the reservoir by more than 100 times.

Caustic soda is commonly used in water treatment, but it can be very dangerous for your health if taken in large quantities

This could end in death if an engineer did not realize in time that someone was tampering with his computer remotely. At first he was not afraid because the company allows managers to use the system from home. But when the program opened randomly, they turned on the red light.

The sheriff said it was not known whether the attack came from there or from outside the United States. It is also unknown if this was the action of a lone wolf.

Florida Senator Marco Rubio wrote that the incident should be considered an issue of national security.

The United States, Russia, Israel and Iran are fighting a cyber cold war, in which they are accused of breaking water distribution networks, electricity, ports.

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