Hadrian’s Wall discovered at the bottom of a busy street in England – SoCientífica

Hadrian's Wall discovered at the bottom of a busy street in England - SoCientífica

The incredible 1900-year-old discovery occurred when Northumbrian Water Company workers were performing a power grid replacement in the West Road area near Newcastle, England.

During routine works, a team from the Water Company uncovered a section of the famous Hadrian’s Wall, which is about three meters long below ground level, to the east of the two-ball Lonon roundabout.

The newly discovered section of the wall is believed to be one of the earliest phases of the milestone as it was built using such large stone blocks, whereas the later phases used much smaller pieces of stone.

When discovered, Northumbrian Water was part of a £5 million project to improve the quality of tap water for about half a million customers in Tyneside.

Northumbrian Water Project Manager Graeme Ridley said: “It is amazing that we were able to make this spectacular discovery, and we are delighted to be working with the Archaeological Research Services to ensure that it is properly preserved, moving forward. Is.

There should be protection around the dug trench. Image: Northumbrian Water

“We have completed work in the field and this important work is done with the aim of protecting our water supply in the future and ensuring that our customers continue to receive excellent, high quality tap water.”

Philip Hunter of the Archaeological Research Service Ltd said: “Although the Hadrian’s Wall route is fairly well documented in this area of ​​the city, it is always exciting when we find the remains of the wall and learn more about this important internationally.” Opportunity to get the site..

“This is especially true in the case where we believe we have discovered part of the early phase of the Wall. It is always a pleasure to work closely with Northumbrian Waters, which takes the conservation of archaeological remains very seriously. Takes.”

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Northumbrian Water said the water pipe may have been angled to leave a plug around the excavated trench.

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