HalloApp: It is known about the new application of former employees of WhatsApp. ndc | Technology

HalloApp: It is known about the new application of former employees of WhatsApp.  ndc |  Technology

HeloApp is a new platform that presents itself as a network of real relationships, an ad-free digital space that allows interaction with only close contacts on a paid basis for additional actions to maintain user privacy. Committed to a business model.

Instant messaging across devices WhatsApp, because it was one of the first and has more number of users than others. However, there are many apps that want to compete with this. is one of them Wire and now it seems hello app.

hello app is one “Brand new category”, as stated on the page ofApplicationCreated by none other than two former workers of ‘and’ WhatsApp: Neeraj Arora and Michael Donohue.

This is the new HalloApp application. (Photo: HelloApp).

How is it?

As told by the particular portal”“, hello app The app has just arrived on the App Store to give the user a suite of private instant messaging and social networking.

The person must have a telephone number to enter, as it facilitates access and establishes contacts. Conversations are secured with end-to-end encryption.

to both people. have to download the app from hello app. The application is simple, does not contain many additional functions for messaging. It also has to do with just being born in the tech world.

At the bottom of the menu, you can access the start of the platform (like a wall where you can say what you want), private conversations, groups, and settings. just that.

With regard to private messages and conversation groups, these are separated. Clearly, this distribution helps to organize people who submit multiple chats. In each window, by chatting with the user text and send multimedia content. At the moment, only photos and videos.

what’s not in it hello app Whether to make calls, location sharing, video calls or voice notes. Let us know that this new app is for sending text messages.

HelloApp is a new competition for WhatsApp.  (Photo: HelloApp).
HelloApp is a new competition for WhatsApp. (Photo: HelloApp).

What is your business model?

From what has been observed, the application is somewhat limited as compared to the competition such as WhatsApp, Signal or the same Wire.

It’s clear that its business model isn’t based on advertising, meaning users won’t be able to see advertising content, but its creators plan to offer additional functions in exchange for a small payment.

hello app can be found in the App Store of Google You Apple.

With information from Europa Press.

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