“He went in and out quietly,” says Rogerio Marinho of a meeting with Jair Renano

"He went in and out quietly," says Rogerio Marinho of a meeting with Jair Renano

The Minister of Regional Development, Rogerio Marinho said on this Tuesday (6.Jul.2021) that the meeting that Jair Renan attended was “Requested by an Assistant in the Office of the President”, but he is the 04 son of President Jair Bolsonaro (no party) “Quiet Inside and Out”.

The statement was made after Marinho presented the folder’s results to the Chamber of Deputies’ Financial Inspection and Control Commission by 3:40 p.m. The meeting was requested by the Federal Deputy Leo de Brito (PT-AC).

Marinho tells of a meeting he had with representatives of the company, Grammazzini Granitos e Marmor Thomazini, which would have been brokered by the president’s son.

In March, the federal police launched an investigation into deals involving Jair Rennon. The suspicion is that Rennon practiced brokering and influencing money laundering when he found a car for a merchants meeting with the federal government.

The meeting was reportedly organized by the President’s son in October last year. Representatives of Gramazini Granitos e Marmoras Thomazini, a company operating in the mining and construction sectors, met with the Minister of Regional Development, Rogerio Marinho.

Rennan attended the meeting. The meeting took place after 1 month, when he met a participant, Neon E. Motors Company, an electric car valued at R$90,000.

In his speech, the PT member questioned a few points regarding the minister’s meeting with Jair Rennan: if Marinho was embarrassed by the presence of the president’s son, what was the agenda of the meeting. [e se a reunião aconteceu mesmo]What were the demands made by the company, who was the arbiter of the meeting and whether it is common for the President’s children to take the company in the ministry.

“VOur landlady submitted, but did not appear, to one of the various functions of the Ministry of Regional Development, giving no practical justification for the issues raised in our application regarding transparency, relating to the proper application of public resources Oppose this Financial Inspection and Control Commission which is central here. One of the objects of our application is the practice of pedaling effects by the son of the President of the Republic. said the deputy.

“Mr. Jair Rennon, who received from a company called Gramazini Granitos e Marmore Thomazini, an electric car worth $90 thousand Reis, is being investigated by the Federal Ministry, and a month after this donation, In October last year, the company, together with Her Majesty, the Ministry of Regional Development, held an audience with your landlady, which was attended by the son of the President of the Republic.

[sic] The son of the President of the Republic who has behaved as if he were the master of Brazil. Recently here in which the dream of a financial oversight of one of the President’s sons came to try to scare especially when I criticized his father, who is President Jair Bolsonaro”, said PT.

and continued:

“You were embarrassed by the presence of the son of the president, because it is not a very common thing, is it? In the ministry, the son of the president of the republic is doing the law, right? Promoting influence in favor of a company”, He asked.

In return, Marinho replied that there is no cause-and-effect relationship in the presence of the president’s son. He said he only learned that Jair Rennan was the president’s son. “Because someone introduced me to him”.

said that “a Almost a year later, the meeting took place only in 2020. And as requested by the Chairman of the President’s Cabinet by one of his assistants, we also responded to the press at that time. And in this meeting the topic of technological innovation in housing program was discussed. The company had a solution and presented it to us and we forwarded this presentation to the relevant body, which is the Department of Housing, which receives hundreds of contributions that are raised and considered or not. The ministry does not hire housing projects or technical solutions, it is the companies that complete the notices through the residential lease fund. It has no cause and effect relationship in the presence of the president’s son. The matter that he was present caused no embarrassment, even as he quietly entered and left silently”.

The President’s son has an events company, Bolsonaro Junior Eventos e Media, since November 2020. Before opening his office in September, Rennon went to Barra de So Francisco, Espirito Santo, to look for sponsors. The headquarter of Gramagini is situated in this city.

Since then, the company has relied on Rennon’s influence to expand its business throughout Brazil and into the United States and Israel. magazine Eye Reported Another meeting between the group and the Ministry of Regional Development in November. At the time, one of the company’s partners confirmed that Rennon had arranged the meeting.

Second or balloon, the conglomerate of which Gramagini is part, which includes 17 mining companies, has already received at least 15 authorizations from the ANM (National Mining Agency) in 2021 to expand its business.

Also, since September 2019, the company has got 75% tax benefit on payment of IRPJ (Income Tax of Legal Entities). In other words, Gramajini pays only 25% of the taxes payable by the company to the government. The benefit is valid till 2028.

With reductions in taxes, authorization from the ANM and meetings with the federal government, the MPF began a preliminary investigation into the matter at the request of PSOL. Now, the PF has launched an investigation to probe the alleged offenses of peddling and money laundering.

On the other end

In a note to the report of globe, Neon E. Motors said the car was a gift sent to Brasilia. There was no change in ownership, but there were videos on social networks showing the donation of the vehicle to Rennon and Alan Lucena, the federal district’s undersecretary of programs and economic incentives and partner of the event company. There are no more car videos on Rennon’s network. Lucena has her private profile on Instagram.

Frederick Wassef, the lawyer for the president’s son, denied that Rennon had received the electric car. It also denied that its client had committed any irregularities or clarified that the companies had access to the federal government. “It is irresponsible conjecture to once again try to attack the President of the Republic with things that don’t exist‘ he said, in a note.

The Ministry of Regional Development said the meeting was scheduled at the request of the Presidency’s Special Adviser Joel Fonseca. The agency said that the meeting was for the presentation of a project for the construction of popular stone houses and assistance for such presentation “it’s normal and normal“.


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