Head to Apocalyptic after Russia with a free EGS game

Head to Apocalyptic after Russia with a free EGS game

We strongly hope that you have already bought all the gifts for your loved ones in peace, so you have time to play around the holidays.

And there will definitely be something to play, because if you don’t want to spend unnecessarily, you can activate the title offered every day for free every day on the Epic Games Store platform, when yesterday It was a claustrophobic stealth terror from the famous universe – alien isolation. Anyway, if this dose of dense atmosphere is not enough for you, then you need not worry, because today you will get a treatment.

This time you can take the post-apocalyptic and very atmospheric horror film Metro 2033 for free, a video game adaptation of the book of the same name by author Dmitry Glukhovsky.

The title was created by the folks at 4A Games Studios, which offer a young Artem’s journey through an inaccessible landscape in the world, where people moved to metro campuses after the nuclear disaster, where he took his new and dark world. Built. The Redux version means that you will get a slightly better experience than what was available in 2010 when the original game was released.

Metro 2033 should be tried by all fans of the then famous STALKER series, as the theme and atmosphere are the same. And if the game appeals to you, you can get the sequel to Metro: The Last Light and The End of Metro: Exodus.

You can read our old review of the original game here.

Video comes from a channel XboxViewTV

Again, the game must be activated Till five o’clock tomorrow evening, Because the game will be exchanged for another title, which should be Tropico 5 this time.

  • 23.12. – Tropico 5
  • 24.12. – inside
  • 25.12. – The darkest dungeon
  • 26.12. – My time in Portia
  • 27.12. – Night in the forest
  • 28.12. – Stranded Deep
  • 29.12. – Solitary
  • 30.12. – Torchlight II
  • 31.12. – Jurassic World Evolution

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