Here are the secrets of the Pokਮmon Crane Tundra: here to find them

Here are the secrets of the Pokਮmon Crane Tundra: here to find them

Clarex DLC (Single: Pokemon Company) is not the only new story.

Crown Tundra DLC of Pokemon Sword and Shield is out now and Diorhead fans have already unveiled some extra old Pokemon.

Although the second DLC expansion of Pokemon Sword and Shield, Crane Tundra, just launched today, fans thought they already knew all about the game’s Pokemon – but it turns out there are some surprises.

It turns out that the developer Game Freak has kept some cards close to its chest, as players are looking for more great Pokਮmon that can be found outside of the new Dynamics Adventure feature.

Since DLC is brand new, it is advisable that there are a lot of spoilers, so if you want to play DLC and discover this secret for yourself, come back now.

First of all, here are two popular Pokਮmon related to Pok Tmon Clarex, the poster of Crane Tundra.

As you progress through the DLC story you will find carrot seeds that can be planted in either of two places: an icy field or a cemetery.

Depending on which area you choose, the greatness of a different horse will appear: the type of Glacier Ice for the snow area or the Phantom type for the cemetery.


These things are just moving around (Photo: Pok ਪੋmon Company)
O Lord, why do they not have eyes ?! (Photo: Pokਮmon Company)

Whatever appears, after the fight, Clarix will flare up with it again, riding it like a steed and becoming either Ice Rider Calerix (Ice / Psychic) ​​or Shadow Rider Clerics (Ghost / Psychic).

Achieving it in this form will earn you both Pok ਪੋmon, which can be redundant and flimsy using a special item that confirms the solidarity you already have at this point. Will do.

This is not the first time Pokemon fusion has been possible in the series. In Pokਮmon Black 2 and White 2, the popular Kirium could be paired with Reshiram or Zacrome to become a completely new Pokਮmon.

Unfortunately, it is impossible to capture both horses Pokemon on the same save file. Whatever you don’t get will need to be earned by the business.

The Swords of Justice trio can also be encountered in the wild (Photo: Pokਮmon Company)

These are not the only great stories available in the wild. Although you probably already know about the galaxy forms of the original three great birds, Cerebi Have discovered another great triangle that can be found.

After encountering Pokemon Professor Sonia, footprints can be seen in various areas, left behind by Cobalt, Terracian and Virgin, which first appeared in Pokਮmon Black and White and also in Dynamx commercials. Can be caught.

By finding all sorts of footprints, you’ll be able to spot one of these Pokੌmon spread over a specific area: the Coblian in the Frigid Sea, the Terracian in the Lakeside Cave, and the Virgin in the Giants Bed.

Catch all three and you can take them to a small island in Lake Balimer to display the mythical Caldio – a Pokਮmon you can’t find in Dynamics Adventures – just by making a curry.

Finally, another mythical Pokਮmon can be given to you by clearing up the story after clearing the story, and this Pokਮmon is the universe of the sun and the moon.

It’s only level 5 and has only two moves – splash and teleport – so you’ll need to train it if you’re using it in combat.

Raise it high enough and it will eventually evolve into either the famous Solgelio (in the sword) or Lunala (in the shield), both of which can get caught up in the Dynamics ads.

Pokemon Sword and Shield are available on the Nintendo Switch.

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