Highlights and Goal: Tijuana 0-1 Rydos Monterey, 2020 Copa MX Final | 10/22/2020

Highlights and Goal: Tijuana 0-1 Rydos Monterey, 2020 Copa MX Final |  10/22/2020

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Less advantage

With Sanchez’s penalty, Monterey’s Raidos took the least advantage of the return game they will play at home.

The final

Tijuana 0-1 Monterey

92 ‘

Lil’s head that easily reaches the hands of Cordens

90 ‘

Six more minutes are included

89 ‘

Violent collisions on the field and one player from each team receiving medical attention on the field

88 ‘

Cortizo moves him to the side after walking around the area. Montreux survived

88 ‘

Barbary missed it. The center of the second post ends with the power, but slightly deviated

85 ‘

Sebastian Vegas is now bedridden due to a muscle ailment

83 ‘

Jordan Silva has been reprimanded for claiming

82 ‘

Marcel Ruiz is due to a sweep behind the Red and Zolos is left a low

80 ‘

With Barbina’s shot that was deserted by her own teammate and gone

79 ‘

Now the match enters into several shorts due to the constant losses of both the teams

76 ‘

Meja left and entered the fork. Transfer of Monterey sent by Mohammed after facing dismissal

75 ‘

Barbona enters and leaves the cruise. Tijuana Exchange

74 ‘

The referee sends the leg to kick when the ball is no longer in motion

72 ‘

Controversial ball in midfield and no clarity in the last third.

68 ‘

The great funnel hole defect is that it ends its flight within a small area. Near Monterey

This trick failed Tijuana

63 ‘

Get out of Castillo and enter Cortezo. Tijuana Exchange

61 ‘

The para is released into the field after a dirty deed and the actions are stopped

60 ‘

Rydos corner shot that doesn’t go overboard

57 ‘

Castillo’s center in the hands of Luis Cardenas

53 ‘

The tie doesn’t come. Cardenas cancels out and is shot by Lopez who takes the goalkeeper again

50 ‘

Riviera forgave. After a short pass from Lopez, he took a powerful shot that went wide

50 ‘

The closed center of the line and the ball hits the net. Near Tijuana

48 ‘

Sanchez has a strong entrance into the midfield and is cautious

46 ‘

Barbari went in and Guzman came out. Transformation of Tijuana

46 ‘

The second half begins

Half time

Tijuana 0-1 Monterey

45 ‘

Zapatazo of Funz Mori who came out of the goal a little

42 ‘

Gamez enters the table, but the referee only imposes a dirty ban

41 ‘

Free throw through the Morrow Lane that crashes into the barrier

38 ‘

Ball inside the small area after Fabian Castillo’s heel, but managed to cancel the save

35 ‘

The late Diagonal of the Lions dismissed the Monterey defense

33 ‘

Vegas dared to go on the attack but the shot hit the net from outside

32 ‘

Anglo shot that goes over the target

32 ‘

The service was so long that Gonzalez had already stepped into second place

31 ‘

Angulo wins the ball, but it’s been a long time since the goalkeeper went wrong.

30 ‘

The center of the lens from the band on the right that passes without finding a recipient

25 ‘

Medium distance shot by Lewis Games going along the road

24 ‘

Funz Murray hit the base of the post which was shot. Fence Montreux

23 ‘

Zolos tries to answer but does so with little thought. Angle can’t control the ball and gets longer

16 ‘

There is dirt and fine on the table inside the small area of ​​the Aldo Cruise

14 ‘

Center to the second post that the table could not control when it was marked

10 ‘

The center passed on the second post which has double coordination

10 ‘

Center Lane who is crippled and Cardens arrives to dismiss the ball

8 ‘

The vine remained in the field after a vigorous entry

7 ‘

Riviera’s fumble at Gonzalez in midfield

5 ‘

The center that falls into the hands of Louis Cardenas

3 ‘

Lopez’s crossover shot from one side

3 ‘

Nicholas Sanchez with a header that came easily on Orzco

2 ‘

Fell on Gonzalez and the first yellow of the match for Guzman

0 ‘

The beginning of the Tijuana vs. Monterey party

Bani time

Mexico’s national anthem was played at the Calento Stadium

Jump equipment

Teams currently jump on the court in MX League protocol

This is how it happened

Minutes away

Don’t miss out here as the first leg of the MX Cup final between Axolos de Tijuana and Raidos de Monterey is almost here

Latest headlines

On December 21, 2017, Monterey was crowned by Evils Hurtado with a goal after a 1-0 win over Pachuca.

For the third title

Unlike Tijuana, Monterey already knows what it’s like to win the title since it won in 1992 and Apertura in 2017.

Eleven Tijuana

Energy; Silva, Lopez, Lorosa, Cruz, Gamiz; Guzman, Riviera, Lanez, Castillo; Angle

Pay attention to this player

Great victory

Monterey returned to action with a 3-1 victory over Puebla, which placed them sixth in the MX League.

The end result

Tijuana’s Zolos Reyes del Neccasa drops morale after falling 2-0 in his tour

Xolos support

Do you remember how they got there?

It looks like this

We started …

The first 90 minutes of the MX Cup final will be at the Calent Stadium, where Tijuana will try to make a start against Monterey. Don’t lose all the details here just in VAVEL

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Don’t miss the match details with VAVEL’s live updates and comments. Follow all the details, comments, analysis and lineup with us for this Zolos Tijuana vs Riados Monterey match.

Latest Games

Guard 1 already had a double victory by Fabian Castillo with a 2-1 score for Xellos in 2020; Roselio Funz Mori discounted the appointment.

Xolos Tijuana vs raados Monterrey Live TV and how to watch the stream

The main player is Monterey

The main player is Tijuana

Referee Zolos Tijuana vs. Riados Monterey

The referee in charge of this match will be Eduardo Galvan Basulto.

Last line up Monterey

Gonzalez; Gutierrez, Montes, Sanchez, Gallardo; Meza, Cranwitter, Gonzalez, Lean; Funz Mori, Loba.

Last lineup Tijuana

Energy; Guzman, Barberry, Loroa, Gamez; Blenta, Ruiz, Lanez, Barbona; Castillo, Angulo.

Tijuana: Saving the Semester

Montreux: Double

Kick-off time

The Xilos Tijuana vs Riados Monterey match will be played at the Tijuana Stadium Calienti. Kick-off at 10:06 p.m.

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