Homeless man sings birthday greetings with dogs, gets emotional after sharing cake (VIDEO)

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With the effect of a video recorded in Bucaramanga, Colombia, the man in the images gets a new chance and collects groceries

by Maria Aquino, Metropolis – A heartwarming video has gone viral on social media in recent days and has changed the life of a homeless man in Bucaramanga, Colombia. In the images, Choco, as he is known, shares a birthday cake with two pet dogs accompanying him.

All three are alone on a ladder at a city square. First, he dresses up his teammates: He puts on the party hat. Then he puts out birthday candles in the little cake and starts singing Happy Birthday. During the song, which he claps, he hugs and caresses two mutts.

In the end, he breaks a piece of cake for each dog and finally serves himself. Four legged friends start licking their breakfast.

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