Hong Kong authorizes parents to bind children to coronaviruses

Hong Kong authorizes parents to bind children to coronaviruses

Hong Kong authorities have approved that, in some cases, it is possible to separate infants and children in bed, despite criticism for the potential psychological consequences of these measures. Coronavirus, Expressed by Internet users on the social network this Thursday (18).

Although it is one of the most densely populated cities in the world, globally, former British colonies have managed to control the epidemic. So far, there have been 11,000 cases and 200 deaths related to coronovirus, resulting in the adoption of some of the most severe measures and sanctions in the world.

At the moment, the measures have not raised significant opposition. In recent weeks, however, outrage has continued to grow, partly due to fatigue of part of the population in the face of restrictions that show no signs of disappearing.

Important social practices have emerged on a practice that involves the separation of children from parents in isolation units. There are reports that some mothers have been banned from breastfeeding their babies and are bed-bound to keep the babies from walking.

This week, the government justified several communalism measures, including the practice of tying up children.

“In general, the hospital would only consider providing physical protection to physical patients, so as to protect the safety and health of patients,” a hospital official said in a statement released on Wednesday night.

According to the statement, the measurements will be taken with “prior consent from parents and guardians”.

The text also states that parents negative for Kovid-19 may be in isolation units with their sick children, when space is available. However, there are already reports of cases of parents in isolation who were separated from their children.

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In recent times, consulates in Switzerland, the United Kingdom, the United States, and France have expressed their concern about the potential psychological consequences of these measures.

In Hong Kong, anyone who tests positive for coronovirus is immediately hospitalized and released with or without symptoms. People with “close contact” are expected to spend two weeks in quarantine in government-run facilities.

In addition, most people entering the city should spend three weeks in quarantine in hotels reserved for this purpose, with accommodation paid out of their own pocket.

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