Hospitalization for Kovid-19 exceeds the peak of the first wave

Hospitalization for Kovid-19 exceeds the peak of the first wave

Official figures show that more people are currently hospitalized in England because of Kovid-19, which was at the peak of the first epidemic, which was recorded in the spring (autumn in the Southern Hemisphere). .

According to a survey by the National Health Service (NHS), there were 20,426 patients in hospitals yesterday morning (local time), which is higher than the previously recorded peak on April 12 – 18,974.

NHS England chief executive Simon Stevens warned that healthcare professionals are “in the eye of the storm”.

“This high level of infection is a growing concern at a time when our hospitals are in their most vulnerable state,” said Yvonne Doyle, Medical Director for Public Health in England.

UK yesterday recorded 41,385 new cases of Kovid-19, a daily record.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and his scientific advisors have stated that A. Coronavirus version Which can be up to 70% more transmitted, is spreading rapidly in the UK, although it is not considered more fatal or causes more serious illness.

Caused by Adopt strict social interaction measures Plans to reduce Christmas restrictions in London and the English South, and across the country, have been dramatically reduced or dropped altogether.

Stevens said that vaccines provide hope and conjecture that all vulnerable people can be vaccinated against HIV. Coronavirus In late spring 2021, namely late June.

Study: Take 2 ml of vaccination a week to avoid third wave

One conclusion is that the UK should vaccinate two million people per week study London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.

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“The most drastic intervention scenario, with Level 4 (the ban) in England and schools closed in January and 2 million individuals vaccinated per week, is the only scenario we see peak ICU load below levels seen in the meantime Assuming to do. The first wave, ”says the study, which has not yet been peer reviewed.

The British government said it quickly reached 357 million doses of vaccines through agreements with several developers.

On 8 December, A 90-year-old woman today became the first person in the world to receive the vaccine against the new coronavirus Developed by Pfizer and BioNotech as part of a vaccination campaign launched in the UK.

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