Hotel employee earns guest inheritance and secures retirement

Hotel employee earns guest inheritance and secures retirement

A hotel worker in Turkey received part of the legacy left by a special guest in the accommodation, which was enough for him to retire.

Taskin Dasdan started working as a baggage handler at Korur Hotel in 1990 and was later promoted to Messenger. In addition to an increase in salary, the position also guaranteed greater closeness with clients – one of them was the British Charles George Courtney.

Courtney often stayed at Turkish hotels, even making friends with the staff. The relationship between Dasdan and Courtney has developed a bond of trust.

In an interview with Beyaz Gazette, Dasdan remarked that he has already lent and borrowed money for the guest. “She also helped a lot in the education of my children,” revealed the envoy, who declined to reveal the amount left by the Briton.

Says Dasdan, “We treated all the guests the same way, but Courtney loved us dearly. He didn’t come back when he got sick, but we still saw each other on video calls,” he says.

Dasdan may also stop working after receiving most of his friend’s fortune, which was earmarked for the other employees as well. However, this is not in their plans. “I don’t want to stop working because I know a lot of people in this place”, he concluded.

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