How can Malina and Rain play in the release of Mortal Kombat 11 Ultimate?

How can Malina and Rain play in the release of Mortal Kombat 11 Ultimate?

It was recently announced that Milina, Rain and Rambo were coming to Mortal Combat 11 via Combat Pack 2. Going forward, the game will now be known as Mortal Kombat 11 Ultimate.

Although we had a chance to see these characters briefly during the release of the movie trailer, we weren’t given a glimpse of how they would ultimately work during the gameplay. However, given that Milina and Rain are two characters returning from previous Mortal Kombat titles, we probably have some ideas on how they can play.

First, let’s talk about Malina. Surprisingly, Milina will still have access to her iconic Sai Blades. With the attacks they use, Milina could potentially throw a blade at ground and air.

“Along with her traditional sword, Milina now has razor-sharp claws,” he said. PlayStation Blog. “They come with the etiquette of the gloves she’s wearing in the combat. The gloves and her other gear look great. My favorite look is that of Kahunum Milina, where she’s got her own Shao Kan style helmet.”

In Mortal Combat 9 and Mortal Combat X, Mylena performed brilliantly in annoying opponents. It was difficult to attack him because he had some low profile and high profile injury boxes while performing certain actions.

Although his zoning tools were strong, his ability to win range battles came largely as a result of his rival zoning tools. Melina’s teleport kick and ball roll specials gave her great options to get closer.

Milina was also known for some solid trick mix ups. Although his combo damage has never been greater, he usually prepares for the opponent’s guess when he builds up his pressure.

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Rain is made as good as possible as a rusdown character. In the past, he was famous for three combo extender tools with his water bubble, electric and super roundhouse.

According to the PlayStation Blog, they will now be equipped with a dagger and they will be able to access some mysterious waters.

“Rain now manages a dagger, which he uses to dodge his opponents. Rain can also use its magic to break through previously unknown waters. Here, all his classic moves are re-imagined. Its water powers are also revealed in new and unique ways. “

It is worth noting that Rain is not yet playable in any game that implements change. As such, it is possible that its three combo extender can be divided into different types.

Myrtle Combat 9 also gave the ability to teleport rain behind opponents. Based on her fight with Melina during the revelation trailer, it looks like Rain will still be able to do so.

Like the Scorpion, the rain forecast will probably not be as effective in combating zoning as the combo will be ruined by the trade. Rain would prefer to use its electricity instead or trade teleport as a countermeasure.

Rain doesn’t really look like the kind of character that foot or zone opponents want to play. Given the small size of the dagger, this is unlikely to change. Instead, the condition for his victory is that he will need to close the distance to his opponents and then sink them into abusive pressure.

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