How internet attracts people to big cities

How internet attracts people to big cities

Surprised by some townspeople in need of nature, large cities can however rely on a large asset to attract a population: an ever-growing attraction for new information and communication technologies.

Since the advent of the epidemic, the question of rural migration has often entered the conversation. What if we dig cities for greener countries?

Say goodbye to the asphalt to breathe the pure mountain air: If the picture is attractive, the big cities have not said their last words. And the Internet can help well, a new study published in the journal suggests one more.

The internet did not end the charm of city life

According to the researchers, the growing interest of the population in information and communication technologies may have fueled the creation. National urban system, And characterized by more High concentration of population in urban areas.

This phenomenon can be explained by the establishment of companies specializing in new technologies in the heart of big cities.

Geographers, city planners and urban economists explored the spatial footprint of the Internet in its early days. His theories were then adjectives, even for the emergence of imaginary and telescopic, countries without borders and even End of cities

“Today, 25 years after the commercialization of the Internet, we know that these stories are The potential of this technology was exaggerated.. High and ever-increasing urbanization rates prove to the contrary“, Researchers say.”

Pandemic-linked telecommunications have changed the situation slightly

However, they were studied before the epidemic, which supported it. Remote deployment (teleworking, videoconference) but that would not be possible without internet.

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The authors of this publication believe that, however, the results stated in their study Stay relevant, While specifying that “The next steps will assess the changes that can cause rapid digitization in cities and urban systems due to the epidemic.“.

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