How much did you play playstation in 2020

How much did you play playstation in 2020

The PlayStation Wrap Up, a summary of all hours won, trophies and more, comes back to show all of its gaming stats on the Sony console, including data from the PS4 and PS5.

To see your gameplay data on PlayStation in 2020, just visit official site And use your account to get an overview of the games in which you have made the most money. Care: Service may be down due to user overload – if you are unable to use, try later.

PS4 stats are the primary focus, including the number of games and hours played, most played games, hours locally vs. online, your average playing time per day of the week and more. The wrap also includes some collective data from PS4 players such as The Last of Us: Part 2, Ghost of Tushima and MLB: The Show 20.

In addition, PS5 owners will have some data, such as the most played games and hours invested, total hours won on consoles and the number of specific console trophies won.

Players can also redeem the dynamic PS4 theme for free. To access the information, PlayStation requires that you have a PSN account, be of legal age, and have played at least 10 hours in the previous year.

PlayStation Wrap returns after being highlighted in 2020 with 2019 data.

For more information, see what we expect for PlayStation in 2021.

* Translated by: Bruno Yonezawa

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