How to bypass YouTube blocking with proxy server

How to bypass YouTube blocking with proxy server

Crash while using YouTube

Youtube It is widely used by Internet users. It is one of the most important streaming video platforms. However, sometimes we may have problems accessing certain videos, especially when we are in another country, or even all of YouTube.

This is something that we can find while using many other services on the Internet as well. This is particularly common on social networks such as Facebook or Twitter. We try to enter the web or use mobile applications, but we see that we do not have access.

The reason is usually one Location restriction Geographic. The country we are in may not allow access to YouTube or a certain video. But it can also be caused by a blockade by the operator, a problem with DNS or IP address that we have accidentally blocked.

Luckily we can keep in mind some tips for blocking YouTube and accessing content in general. One of the available options is to use proxy server. This will allow us to access the video without problems.

Proxy server to avoid blocks on YouTube

We can say that a proxy server acts as an intermediary between our computer and the server that we are trying to access. This can help us in preserving our data and thus improving privacy. also for Avoid blockingYes, logically.

There are many proxy servers that we can use on our day to day basis. This allows us to connect via its server and destination point, which in this case would be on YouTube, not knowing where the connection comes from. Hide ip address, Because what it shows is that proxy server.

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This we have mentioned will prevent us from having problems accessing the content. This is something that we can apply to any service where we are restricted by IP address. We can solve the problem simply by using one of these symmetries.


The best option we can find Proxy. This is a service that we have free of charge and allows us to access certain platforms that may be blocked. One of them is YouTube, but there are others such as Facebook or Twitter.

The mode of operation is very simple. The first thing we need to do is your entry. Web Page. There we will see a strip to find out which interests us and gives it to travel. we can also Choose proxy server We want to join it. Many are available.

But in addition to using that strip to enter the address, we can also see various buttons from some of the most popular platforms. One of them is YouTube, as we see. We can also just click the button and that’s it. This will automatically take us to the video platform website and we can avoid potential interruptions.


Another free service that works very well for blocking YouTube CorxyProxy. This proxy server is very easy to use. Once again, the first thing is that your entry Web Page. We will see that it has a simple appearance without many options, but it has everything you need.

CroxyProxy allows Encrypt all content That we send. It also hides the IP address and allows it to avoid potential interruptions. It works with any operating system or device that we are using. All we need to do is write the YouTube address or the exact URL of the video we want to watch and we’ve hit Go!

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After accessing YouTube by this proxy, our IP will be hidden and thus we can avoid any problems caused by the geo-blocker or our operator. It is simple to use and works well.

hide me

We also want to show an alternative to this Proxy It is one of the most used and also offers various options, such as avoiding cookies, encrypting URLs, ending scripts … if you enter your Web Page We can look once to the right to place it at the address that makes us interesting. Below we have a button for the options that we have mentioned.

hide me

As in previous cases, simply by putting the address and Go, we will access the YouTube page or URL that interests us and we will be connected through that proxy server, without showing our real IP and thus being able to avoid interruptions Because of. could have been done.

Mission Impossible

Another option we can use to avoid blocks when accessing YouTube Mission epoxyable. This is a very good free proxy that uses HTTPS encryption. Thus, it guarantees users privacy and avoids potential problems while surfing the net.

To use it, you just have to enter your Web Page. There we will walk at once to find the related address and then we have to click on send. It automatically takes us to the destination website and hides our IP address. Another possibility to avoid interruptions while browsing the Internet.


Stash machine

Stash machine This will allow a page or service like YouTube to block us based on where we are. This is a fast and reliable service, where we can enter the URL that makes us interesting and allows it to navigate anonymously.

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This takes us into account some options such as avoiding cookies. We can also choose the server that makes us interesting, depending on the location we want. It is simple to use and works very well.

Stash machine

In short, these are some of the options that we have to avoid blocks when using YouTube. Proxy servers that will hide our IP address and allow us to browse without any type of restriction, something that can happen especially when we are connected to another country.

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