How to make videos with your phone images in Google Photos

How to make videos with your phone images in Google Photos

Google photos (Android | Ios) Stands for the number of tasks available to manage your photos. In addition to using artificial intelligence to identify people and animals, it provides editing features and allows videos to be created from images saved in your gallery.

To create videos, the application offers two options: creation from selected and edited photos by the user himself or from a template created by Google Photos. These models are adapted to a variety of situations, including photos of children, dogs or cats, selfies, a couple’s story, among other options, always accompanied by a soundtrack. See how to make videos with your cell phone images!

Google Photos: How to make videos with your mobile images

Using an application template

Phase 1: Open Google Photos and tap on the “Library” tab;

Access your library (screenshot: Andre Magelhais / Canaltech)

step 2: Then choose the “Management” option;

Open photo management features (screenshot: Andre Magelhos / Canaltech)

step 3: Scroll down until you find the creation option and tap on “Movie”;

Select movie creation feature (screenshot: Andre Magelhais / Canaltech)

step 4: On the next screen, choose to create videos manually or from suggested models;

Create from template (screenshot: Andre Magelhais / Canaltech)

Step 5: In the case of animal videos, select a pet from the image recognition suggestions;

Choose one or more animals (screenshot: Andre Magelhais / Canaltech)

Step 6: o Photos will automatically generate videos. This may take some time, and when it is finished, a notification is sent;

Wait for the video to be made (image: Andre Magelhais / screenshot)

Step 7: Return to the management screen to see the result. Touch the video to play it and press “Save” to save it to the library.

Watch the video (image: Andre Magelhais / screenshot)

Manual construction

Phase 1: On the movie creation screen, select the “New Movie” option;

Create manually (screenshot: Andre Magelhais / Canaltech)

step 2: Then select up to 50 images from your gallery to add to the video and tap “Create”;

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Choose the photo to be used (screenshot: Andre Magelhais / Canaltech)

step 3: The application will create a video from these images. On the editing screen, drag toward the edge to change the duration of each photo in the video and press the three dots icon to access the transition options;

Edit your video (image: Andre Magelhais / screenshot)

step 4: Touch the music note icon to insert the soundtrack;

Insert a background music (image: Andre Magelhais / screenshot)

Step 5: Choose from songs saved on your device or themes created by Google Photos itself;

Choose a music source (image: Andre Magelhais / screenshot)

Step 6: When you are finished editing, touch “Save” to bring the film to your library.

Save video (image: Andre Magelhais / screenshot)

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