How to recover deleted WhatsApp contact? see tricks

How to recover deleted WhatsApp contact?  see tricks

Some contacts that are not recorded in the phonebook can be deleted from within WhatsApp. The problem is that this usually happens accidentally or out of distraction. By the time we find out what has happened, it is too late. The good news is that there is a way to recover a deleted WhatsApp contact, so calm down and watch it step by step.

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However, before demonstrating how to recover deleted contact from Messenger, it is worth emphasizing that there is no official tool. That is, WhatsApp does not have a feature that does this process, it is because it works directly with agenda data. So what you will learn today is a lifehack to restore deleted numbers.

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Process for Android

If your smartphone is based on Android system, then know that there are two ways to recover contacts.

The first is to use Google Cloud. The deleted contact number may still be present in your Google Contacts Trash. To find out, log into the Google Contacts website or app with your account. Go to the Synced Contacts folder and open the Trash. Locate the deleted number and click “Recover” to get the problem resolved.

Meanwhile, the second method uses backup. Simply open your smartphone’s file manager and go to the backup folder. Then just restore the desired contact.

Process for iPhone (iOS)

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The iPhone also supports contact recovery, similar to the first Android option.

With your iOS device, access iCloud (Apple’s cloud storage system), remembering to log in with your account. Next, check your account settings in iCloud. Then just find the contact you want to recover and restore. You can also restore all contacts.

The process is very quick and can solve a problem caused by a simple mistake.

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