How to recover stolen account?

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so you can find out if someone stole yours count of WhatsApp, or you can access it. We also tell you how take it back If this is the case.

WhatsApp It has attracted attention among cybercriminals, and this is because this messaging application is used by more than 2 billion users in the world and 91.3% of Mexicans. .

But how do you steal accounts WhatsApp from other people? Well, for this cybercriminals use two tactics: one of them is through fraudulent messages through the application; And another via phone call.

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How do they steal your WhatsApp account through messages?

The most common way is through WhatsApp or SMS messages. In these, a contact, who has already been a victim of deception, reveals that he accidentally got a verification number on his cell phone and sends a message asking him to resent with the alleged code.

What they are really doing is giving you their verification number to the scammers so that they can register their account. WhatsApp from your device. As soon as the person forwards that code to you, the hacker enters that data into another cell phone. For their part, users will only be able to see a message on their screen informing them that they have lost access to their account.

How do they steal your WhatsApp account per call?

There is a method of fraud in which a person calls you and poses as a representative of a health institution for which they ask you to conduct a survey on COVID-19. Finally they ask you to share the code that is sent to your cell phone so that they can purportedly record your “participation” in the survey. I cut the above so that in the end criminals can enter this code on another device and thus steal your account. WhatsApp.

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So you can recover your stolen account

To recover the account, you need to register in WhatsApp with a cell phone number and enter a six-digit code. This time don’t share it with anyone.

Once you have entered the code received by SMS, the session of the other person with access to your account will be automatically closed. It’s also possible that it will ask you for a two-step verification code, because the perpetrator programmed it himself. In such a situation, you will have to wait for seven days to verify your number. Once you register it, that person will no longer be able to access your messages and notifications.

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