How to schedule text messages on your phone?

How to schedule text messages on your android phone Tamil News

The site also provides an option to automatically delete text messages on your Android phone Tamil News after 24 hours.

How to Schedule Text Messages on Your Android Phone Tamil News: Users may want to type their text messages but many times they avoid sending them immediately so as not to disturb the person on the other end. At such times, you should plan to send your text messages on time. Almost all Android phones allow you to do this, even though in some cases you may need a third party processor. Google offers a variety of features, including messaging, scheduling messages, and automatic categorization of text. Here’s how to schedule subsequent messages.

How to Schedule Text Messages on Android Using Google News?

1. Launch the Messages app by clicking on the Messages icon

2. Compose a Text Message

3. Click and hold the Send button in the shape of an arrow. The “Table to Send” window now appears.

4. Select the time when you want to send the message. You can choose from several preset times or click “Choose date and time” to choose the exact time you want to send.

5. Click on the send button. There is a small clock icon to indicate that this is a planned text.

If you don’t find this feature option in Google News, you can open the Google Play Store processor, find Google News, and select the beta program on the product page.

When using this application, messages are automatically sorted into different categories. So, you can easily search for conversations. Additionally, the site provides an option to automatically delete your One-Time Password (OTP) within 24 hours of receiving it.

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