How to transfer groups from WhatsApp to signal

How to transfer groups from WhatsApp to signal
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Hint (Android | Ios | Linux | Mac | The windows) Is a messaging application with emphasis on security and privacy, security and calling Cryptography From corner to corner. Following the new privacy policy of WhatsApp, Signal gained popularity and outpaced the competitor Download in app store.

If you are part of the people who went on the signal and want to take your entire WhatsApp group there, you can do so through a shared link. There is no direct mechanism for moving groups, but the most practical way involves creating and sharing access links. This is a process that avoids inviting one user at a time. See how!

Signal: how to move whatsapp groups

Phase 1: To create a new signal, open the signal and tap on the blue icon;

Create a new conversation (Picture: Andre Maglesh / screenshot)

stage 2: Then select “New Group”;

Create a new group in the application (Figure: André Magalhães / screenshot)

step 3: The application allows you to select certain contacts to create a group. If members are not yet registered with the signal, it is possible to skip this step by touching “Ignore”;

There is an option to invite contacts already registered with Signal (image: Andre Magelhais / screenshot)

step 4: Enter a name and touch the camera icon to add a photo to the group. With the configuration finished, choose “Create”;

Personalize your group (Picture: Andre Maglesh / screenshot)

Step 5: After creating the group, a window will provide an invitation option. Select “Activate and Share Link” to create an instant access address. If you want to approve each entry individually, check the “Approve new members” key;

Activate Link (Picture: Andre Maglesh / screenshot)

Step 6: Choose a form of sharing. To send to WhatsApp, the option is to copy the link or generate a QR code;

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Choose how you want to share (image: Andre Maglesh / screenshot)

Step 7: Send the link to your WhatsApp group and wait for the members to arrive.

Invite people via WhatsApp (Image: Andre Maglesh / screenshot)

In this way, group members will be able to use the interaction on the signal via direct links.

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