how to use telegram animated wallpaper

how to use telegram animated wallpaper

hey Wire (Android | iOS | Web) is very popular for its security with the ability to create encrypted conversations and secret chats, plus many features that are later replicated in other messengers.

The new feature is to customize your interactions with animated wallpapers. So if you want to use them, check out our tutorial below.

how to put animated wallpaper on telegram

Phase 1: Access your app and access the sandwich menu in the top left corner of your screen.

Access your Telegram menu (Image: Guadalupe Carniel / Screenshot)

step 2: Then enter “settings”.

Enter the settings (Image: Guadalupe Carniel / Screenshot)

step 3: If your phone is Android, from the available options, go to “Chat Settings”, if it is iPhone, enter “appearance”.

Go to chat settings to continue (Image: Guadalupe Carniel / Screenshot)

step 4: Tap “Change Wallpaper”; If iPhone, go to “Wallpapers”.

Enter Change Wallpaper (Image: Guadalupe Carniel / Screenshot)

Step 5: Select the one you want and tap it. It is also possible to import from your mobile’s image gallery.

Choose the image you want (Image: Guadalupe Carniel / Screenshot)

Step 6: Click “Set Wallpaper”.

Confirm by clicking Set Wallpaper (Image: Guadalupe Carniel / Screenshot)

ready! Now you know how to add animated backgrounds to your Telegram conversations.

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