How to View Contact Status Without Downloading Another App

How to View Contact Status Without Downloading Another App

people have found WhatsApp an application that provides you Many solutions in its use as a tool instant messaging.

In fact, one of its latest updates allows the option to be activated Auto-deleting messages and files Expected for a few months, in a very practical way.

Something important to highlight is that whatsapp, what Recently announced changes to your Voice Notes, there are some solutions that have been around for a long time, but it sometimes goes unnoticed by users.

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WhatsApp: How to view contact status without them knowing

This instant messaging application has many Tricks Available to Apply in States, publications that last only 24 hours from their creation.

One of them involves contacts not being ‘seen’ when we look at their status, although it is common to use another application to do this. However, it is achieved in a simple way with these steps, As in Xataca Móvil. explained by.

  • Enter the setting space in WhatsApp on the right side of the screen.
  • Where is this account and then click on Privacy.
  • Select the Read receipts option.

If this selected option is retained, the user will not be able to access itSo, in the case where you want to see a position for an exceptional situation, there is a simple solution.

Once the read is confirmed and you see the desired publication, you must wait 24 hours for that function to be reactivated. The answer is simple: after that period, the state will cease to exist and no notification will be sent.

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A Solution That’s As Simple As It Sounds For those moments when a person does not want to go unnoticed despite the curiosity of seeing another contact.

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