Huge 5.8m paddlefish caught off Chilean coast, residents fear an impending earthquake

Orefish caught over 5m in Chile

One oarfish (also known as regaleco and king-of-herring) was caught on Monday morning (11/7) by fishermen of enormous size off the coast of the extreme north of Chile. The inhabitants of Erica gathered at the pier while the silver fish was pulled out of the sea.

Images shared on TikTok show the long bony fish hoisting its head as proud fishermen transfer it to the ground. average fish 5.8 m tall, according to the website “Then24”. The average size of the species is 3 m.

Rare deep-sea fish have become a popular legend for their perceived power to predict the futureEspecially after 2011, when dozens of creatures were seen before the deadly earthquake in Japan fukushima (Japan).

In a similar episode, on June 11, 2020, an oarfish was found in Cozumel (Mexico), and ten days later an oarfish was found. 7.5 magnitude earthquake in Richter And a tsunami warning was issued for several countries in the region.

The video garnered 10 million likes, but it also raised concerns from local residents who feared the earthquake.

Orefish over 5m caught in Chile Photo: Breeding/TikTok

Orefish caught off the coast of Chile
Orefish caught off the coast of Chile Photo: Breeding

“Oarfish live at depth. They say that when they begin to rise to the surface it is because tectonic plates are in motion”A netizen commented.

Some even believed that Whoever finds such a fish will be cursed,

Oarfish live in deep water and return to the surface only when they become ill, die or reproduce, leading to speculation that they may return to the surface with a change in climate – although this theory is yet to be confirmed. remains.

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