Husband has been cheated by the camera installed in the house

Husband has been cheated by the camera installed in the house

The popular saying: “taste your own poison” fits this situation perfectly. In the United States, a man installed a camera in his home and thought it was inefficient and it is not. It was there that the American Kylie Christina took advantage of her husband’s hesitation and discovered the betrayal of a friend.

Kylie was betrayed by her husband; camera spotted act tik tok playback

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She has shared snippets of the recording on her TikTok profile and has garnered nearly 7 million views. The video shows her husband coming out of the gate of the house after 10 pm and a few seconds later a woman appears, and he caresses her soles and kisses her. She is in a T-shirt and short shorts and holds her car keys. “They thought the camera was disabled,” he remarked.

Kaylee started distrusting her ex-husband on lame excuses. “When your husband is too sick for the family trip you have planned,” she wrote. In the caption she added the hashtags “crooked” and “trash” in reference to her husband.

He arranged after the horn. “The locks have been changed and he no longer lives here,” she told the New York Post.

Kylie claimed that the woman in question pretended to be his friend. “He’s as much a house breaker as he is.” The father of her children must have apologized to her, who warned that this would not be enough to rekindle the relationship.

“I don’t think I’ll ever get to the point where I can be like, ‘It’s okay,’ because it wasn’t okay,” she said. Kylie has not disclosed in the recent video whether she is with her boyfriend or not.

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