“I did not expect”, says Gilberto from Bahia, after scoring 4 goals in a game – 3/29/2021

"I did not expect", says Gilberto from Bahia, after scoring 4 goals in a game - 3/29/2021

Gilberto is a well-known name in the Northeast from Alagas. In three years in Bahia, the striker is always guaranteed the top scorer in the contests he contests. At the Copa do Nordest 2021, however, the striker had not yet hit the net. He decided to convert those numbers in yesterday’s match (28) against Altos, when he scored four times in a 5–0 win.

Gilberto, who had already conceded 62 goals for Bahia before Sunday’s match, captured the opposition net only once. The win pushed the team to first place in Group A of Region A, winning 10 points in six matches. The period saw 13 goals and six goals.

“I didn’t expect to score four goals in the match. It was a tough game, Altos with a defense that took some goals, and was doing well in the competition. I’m always happy to be able to help. . ” Gilberto said that Artillery I see as a result of the work of the entire team “Our team is doing well, no matter how many goals are scored in the game. Our game of concern is the game, and what we want is the most worthy. is.” sport.

The Bahia team, remembering the striker, is split into two groups to be capable of all competitions. The transition team plays the state championship, while the main team is in Copa do Nordeste and Copa do Brasil. A week ago, Bahia faced three opponents in four-day intervals, back-to-back games (in successive nights), as in the NBA.

“We understand that we can improve and we will improve. During the championship, when the final stages come, we will be ready to maintain even more regularity. We are always watching the boys of the transition team, some with us Coming to play. ” We are welcoming the players who will help us later.

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Born in Piranha, in the interior of Alagas, Gilberto has always stamped his name in the Northeast. He started in the original categories of Confianca, then moved to Santa Cruz, where he became a professional. The story has won chapters in the south and southeast of Canada, the United States, Turkey and Brazil, particularly in São Paulo and Vasco.

“It is always nice and very beautiful to play Northeast Classics. There were always beautiful parties in my Northeast to amazing fans. Even despite playing away from home, you could see the crowd sing, get excited. I am very happy with it and it is always good to see how happy the people of the Northeast are, how rude they are and how much they push people and move forward ”, said the striker.

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