I tried to use “Annotation”, which can quickly build a website from a page created with “notion” –GIGAZINE

I tried to use "Annotation", which can quickly build a website from a page created with "notion" --GIGAZINE

An Internet service that allows you to create a wide range of content such as calendars and project management pages.an assumptionService that allows you to change a page created directlyEmotion“Is. Bhavna said that its goal is” a blog service with a low barrier to transmission “and” a service where the steps from editing a document to publishing are easy anyway “, so I’ve actually Tried it.

You can create a website just by writing in Notion Anotion

Bhavna is a service that converts pages created with “perception” into websites. For more information about the notion, please see the following article for details on how to use it.

Basically the list and task management board can be created for free and online sharing and editing can be done by many people I have tried to use the “notion” –

Bhavna is a service that not only provides a unique domain for noion page URLs, but also allows you to add Google Analytics scripts, extract notion headers, and customize appearance. Bhavna has a 30-day free trial, so I decided to try it for free.official siteClick “Try a 30-day free trial”.

Registration of user information and payment information is required for the free trial. User information can be registered with a Google account, but this time, enter your email address and password and choose “Register with Email Address”.

A confirmation email will then be sent, so click on the URL in the text.

If the message “Your email address has been confirmed” appears as shown below, your account registration is complete.

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Choose “Login” from the top page

Enter the email address and password you registered earlier and click “Login with email address”.

Bhavana is a 980 yen service excluding monthly tax, but if you cancel within 30 days, you will not be charged anything. Since payment registration itself is mandatory, “agree to the various terms and conditions and go to the payment screen”.

Payment service “StripeEnter the e-mail address, credit card information, cardholder’s name and nationality and click “Start Test”.

It completes all registrations. To create a site with an, select “Site Registration”.

First, it is necessary to determine the “Site ID” which is also used as the URL of the site. Enter this ID, noting that you cannot change it later, and click “Check if ID is available”.

Make sure “Usage is OK” is displayed.

Next, link Anotion and Notion. Display your notion page you want to be the “Notion of the top page”, click “Share” in the top right of the screen, turn on the toggle button of “Share Web”, and click on “Copy Link” .

Enter pasting notion page URL “to appear on top page” and click “Register”.

Then, “Site is created” is displayed. You can also add headers and site icons, add SNS share buttons etc., but this time I’ll click “OK” and take a look at the entire site for the time being.

This is the perception page loaded by you …

The completed Anotion web page looks like this.

One of the benefits of Anotion is its manageability. Just edit the page from Notion’s side, and the update will automatically appear on the Web page from Notion’s side.

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If you want to add a new page, create a new page in Notion now …

A new page will also be added towards Anotion. No need to link.

You can also add special-specific functions that the assumption does not derive from the “data edit” and “design edit” on the dashboard.

In “Data Editing”, add Google Analytics ID, specify the transition destination URL of the site name on the header, add your own domain, footer setting, permalink setting, etc. as follows.

HTML can be added directly.

In “Design Edit”, change the site name, site logo, site icon, add a link to the right of the header,Breadcrumbs markPerformance and …

You can add an SNS share button, apply a dark theme, edit directly, or add CSS by specifying a URL.

Enosian’s usage fee for the monthly is 980 yen (1078 yen including tax).

You can create a website just by writing in Notion Anotion

If you want to cancel monthly usage, choose “Cancel plan” from the dashboard …

Click on “Cancel Plan” from the displayed stripe page.

Also, click “Cancel Plan” again to complete the cancellation process.

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