If Antonio Costa had not been the figure of the year, who would have been?

If Antonio Costa had not been the figure of the year, who would have been?

1. A way to evaluate 2020 and Antonio Costa? Let us compare it to Boris Johnson, a kind of charismatic populist who began the year to deny the importance of the Kovid-19 and ended it by announcing almost immediate English imprisonment at Christmas. The worst of both worlds, as they now say.

Amid a Trump-style laxity, Boris contracted Kovid, changing his mind, but he never thought about how to prevent it instead of treating it. The year ends with 2.5 million cases and 72 thousand deaths. With Britain having around 65 million inhabitants, this means a 50% mortality rate, compared to the proportion of our 10 million Portuguese.

Due to the loss of control of the situation, Boris discovered “the most contagious strain”. This may be true, even if the issue is that the state capital was already out of control during the Christmas season (Level 2 of a 5K ban…) despite the London season and Christmas shopping.

And then, on a beautiful Christmas Eve on Saturday, the “Churchill-21st century” caused panic throughout the world and was intended to lead to a stricter imprisonment in parts of London, as if people had an immediate escape. There was no way. Trains, stations and airports were filled, creating the most undesirable contact imaginable in a “Kovid” picture, to close it with “easily permeable” tension (he said …).

The great lesson of the epidemic is that the countries that best adapted to the crisis were those who communicated their decisions in a timely manner so as not to cause disruptions to the bankruptcy of logistics chains and small businesses.

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It is no crime to say that Antonio Costa was almost always “better” than “worse” in 2020. In fact, it would be claustrophobic to live the epidemic under the logic of an authoritarian power that would make the security forces enemies in each. Corner. This flexibility and common sense often gave us less than optimal results, but it guaranteed us a dose of margin to not advance mental health.

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