Igor Morira, João Luiz’s lover, analyzes his brother’s possible visit to BBB 21’s Secret Room: ‘He will return trying to unheard people’. Out of the house

Igor Morira, João Luiz's lover, analyzes his brother's possible visit to BBB 21's Secret Room: 'He will return trying to unheard people'.  Out of the house

Igor Morira, João Luiz’s lover believes that if he was chosen to go to the secret room, the geography teacher would return with everything.

“Wow, he’ll love it!” I think I will plan a victorious return. He knows that the public expects a very impressive comeback, right? I think I am trying to ignore people, lies, alliances and everything. He says that on certain occasions he gives information to those whom he likes and who think that he is with them.

And he says that he will be satisfied if the lovers return home and have already told everything to the main aides. For Igor, it can help his brother in the game.

Another important advantage is that the finished “liar” has the power to veto one of Angel’s decisions. It will work like this: The brother or sister who is most voted by the public can interfere with the choice of the monster’s punishment or the fate of the immune defeat. Ahh! What’s more, this power can be used for two weeks.

In Igor’s opinion, João Luiz would probably use this special advantage to replace Kolar do Enzo:

So, have you voted today? Who will use these benefits more wisely? Is now #FocoNoGshow!

Check who voted in the false wall

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