Illegal cockerel kills the owner with a knife in the waist. world

Illegal cockerel kills the owner with a knife in the waist.  world
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Owner of roster in india

One Cheek
he was the one to make
To participate in one to engage the body Sprawl-brawl
Killed his own boss in the southern India
. The information of the case was released by the BBC on Saturday (27).

According to officials, the rooster was ready to enter the ground when he tried to escape. Its owner tried to grab it and was killed with a seven-inch knife. The object was attached to the leg of the rooster and hit the man’s waist.

The owner of the chicken was rescued, but died due to a lot of bleeding on the way to the hospital. Now police
Seeks at least 15 other people who will join Sprawl-brawl
, Which took place in Lothnur village in Telangana state this week. Although they have been illegal in India since 1960, Cock fights
They are still common, especially in rural areas.

The hen was kept at the police station and later transferred to a farm. When the case continues in court, he will be taken to court as evidence. According to news agency AFP, those involved in the incident will be charged the killing
, As well as to organize Illegal fights
And irregular bets.

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