Ilott sees ‘great opportunity’ in US and says IndyCar attracts more and more young drivers

Ilott sees ‘great opportunity’ in US and says IndyCar attracts more and more young drivers

Callum Ilot is packed for indie

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After unsuccessful attempts to reach Formula 1, Callum Ilot entered the 2022 Indy season as a participant in the full championship with Junkos, which he defended in three races in 2021. in an exclusive interview with big prizeOf course, Ilot increasingly addressed the element as the arrival of pilots with European careers in the American range.


Romain Grosjean and Marcus Ericsson are the more established drivers with Formula 1 at their back, but others such as Ilot and Christian Lundgaard, who are seen as promising with the prospect of one day reaching the category, have also turned to IndyCar .

Ilot pointed to the fact that not only the flagship class but Road to Indy also offers something that doesn’t exist on the other side of the Atlantic: scholarships that help the most successful drivers take the next step.

Callum Ilot will compete for Junkos at Indy 2022 (Photo: IndyCar)

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“Getting into F1 is very difficult, as I’ve learned over the past year and a half. It’s a whirlwind. But Indy has presented itself with a great opportunity. I talk with other young drivers who are on it. Show a lot of interest. Understand the road and the car very well for Indy,” he added GP,

“I also think IndyCar offers great opportunities, but Road to Indy, with scholarships and all, offers a huge opportunity that you don’t have in Europe. For some, your career if you win. likely to pay.” , followed.

“The reward is important and can move you. The way things are in this world, I understand a lot that they like it and that’s also something that attracted me to IndyCar”, he concluded.

The IndyCar season begins with the St Petersburg GP on 27 February.

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