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the farewell, By Roger Michael, follows the primer of those iconic plays of the liver: a stunning setting (in this case, a modern house on the east coast of the United States), privileged and elegant characters, who create sophisticated dishes, and An enthusiastic artist. , Which stars Susan Sarandon, Kate Winslet, Sam Neill, Mia Wasikowska and Lindsey Duncan. Releasing in 2019, the film now reaches Brazil directly on iTunes, Google Play, YouTube Movies, Vivo Play and Sky Play.

Feature film, English version of Danish production Mute heart, Directed by Beal August and written by Christian Thorpe, also the author of this adaptation, it is a family drama that usually captivates actors with their ability for comical moments, tears and epic tremors. the farewell, As the title indicates, a person on the verge of death, Mother Lily (Susan Sarandon), who has a degenerative disease and decides not to suffer anymore, throws her into the equation. Lily is one of those safe, resolute, sarcastic in the face of the most traumatic events. Lily invited the rest of the family to spend the last weekend with her and her husband Paul (Sam Neill) for an off-season Christmas.

The beautiful Jennifer (Kate Winslet) arrives with her husband Michael (Rene Wilson), a banana, and teenage son Jonathan (Anson Boon). The younger sister, Anna (Mia Wasikowska), arrives late to the family’s black sheep and is accompanied by her non-binary girlfriend, Chris (Beaux Taylor-Claus). Currently, an old family friend, Liz (Lindsey Duncan) is also present. Everything seems relatively in order, until secrets begin to appear, and conflicts begin to emerge.

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To begin with, Lily’s decision is not well accepted by all. Death, after all, is not something that Western societies face very well. Michael, known for his romantic comedy, said, “I think it is more difficult to think of death in a world without God.” A place called Notting Hill, In an interview with Estadou During the Zurich Festival. “The Victorians had the benefit of God. He told them that everything would be alright, that after death it would be just happiness, angels, everyone would be good for others. It was easy for him to contemplate death. We leave it to think later, when in reality, it is the only certainty of life. It is difficult to cope with our own disappearance.

Winner of two Oliviers and one Tony, Lindsey Duncan, believes it is a natural fear of humans. “We don’t want the end,” he said. “You are worried what it will be like. And this is an interesting discussion proposed by the film, because, in the end, it has no control. You do not know how you are going to abandon this plan. But if you have emotional intelligence and courage, you can at least talk about it. “She said that she makes fun of the subject, which makes it easier to face death. But he knows that fear is also due to the loss that we love. “I worry who’s left behind. I think the film talks about that. “

Lily’s death is, of course, an excuse to explore the relationships of these characters. “It’s clear that there’s a love that exists between them,” Duncan said. Liz has an old and complicated relationship with the couple formed by Liz and Lily and Paul, which sometimes causes quirks in daughters. Jennifer and Kate are very different, but they also face their mother’s demands.

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For filming, actors came from all over the world and were limited to the venue, presented in Sussex, England, as Connecticut, USA. The union was immediate. “This is the only WhatsApp group I participate in,” said Duncan. Not only: The director and the entire cast got the same tattoo, that of the Blackbird, which symbolizes many things, including knowledge and death. This is the fault of Kate Winslet, whom Duncan described as “the best event organizer out there”. On the final day of filming, which was short, everyone got in for drinks and food, and the two tattoo artists rounded up. “It was really cool,” said Lindsey Duncan, who had never had a tattoo. “It was special, we did a lot of fun filming. But the film is serious. “The play was really just in front of the cameras.

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