In Europe and America, turnaround parties are banned for the second year in a row. national newspaper

In Europe and America, turnaround parties are banned for the second year in a row.  national newspaper

In Europe and the United States, turnaround parties will be banned for the second year in a row because of the pandemic.

It’s been four years since Londoners saw the full clock of Big Ben, For the second year in a row, the most flashy retrograde party in the world was cancelled.

The siding-lined tower didn’t matter. The problem was Omicron who delayed our lives. With infections rising, the government did not risk releasing a major event. Nothing beats a traditional fireworks display on the Ferris wheel

London City Hall has also moved the troubled party to Trafalgar Square, but the mayor noticed recent contagion numbers and decided to cancel the event. Even the most central square in the British capital, London, was fenced off to avoid crowds, even without a major celebration.

Pubs, restaurants and nightclubs were issued for the British to spend comfortably. The other three countries that make up the United Kingdom had strict rules in these places and limited groups.

In Germany it can hold up to 10 people, but no fireworks.

In France too. It was mandatory to cancel all major events, including the Champs-Elysées. Now that doesn’t mean there was no party or champagne for France.

In the Italian region of Campania, even Prosecco was banned. Large cities, yes, had sparkling wine, but canceled public events.

Madrid took no chances in the face of so many cancellations across Europe: they screamed at noon. The drone made sure the efficiencies didn’t reach 60%. In bars and restaurants in Barcelona, ​​the public had to be half-baked: 50%.

From Catalonia to London, the retreat is to go back to celebrate the New Year.

NY Keeps the Turnaround Party, but in a Lean Edition

More than half a million people tested positive for COVID in the United States on Thursday (30). Influence is everywhere. Restaurants were closed, events were postponed and more than 1,500 flights were canceled in the country this Friday alone.

Jefferson and his sons managed to land in New York this Friday morning and arrive in Times Square to find Monica.

“There’s always a crazy lady in the family, right? So it was a dream. I drove 15 hours from South Carolina to meet her here,” says tourist Monica Barros.

Normally, Times Square would already be packed by the end of New Year’s afternoon. But this year needs a lot of care. Everyone at the scene had to prove that they had been vaccinated and had to wear a mask at all times. Apart from this, the place where the party takes place, where usually more than 50 thousand people come, this year the number of visitors will be 15 thousand.

And despite all the limitations, the public who returned to Times Square approved this decision.

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