In France, 85% of hospitalizations with Covid-19 represent unrelated. coronavirus

In France, 85% of hospitalizations with Covid-19 represent unrelated.  coronavirus

People who have not been vaccinated against COVID-19 Represent approximately 85% of hospitalizations France And according to the data released this Friday (30), 78 percent of the deaths due to coronavirus.

Between May 31 and July 11, non-vaccinated people represented 84% of conventional hospital admissions and 85% of those in intensive care units (ICUs). Only 7% of fully vaccinated patients had admissions in this period.

At the time of the study, approximately 35% of the population had already been fully vaccinated and 45% had not yet received any vaccine dose. The proportion of hospitalized people who were not vaccinated, 84%–85%, depending on the type of admission, is almost twice the proportion of people who were not vaccinated in the general population.

The study, which involved multiple ministries, was obtained by combining data on outcomes from COVID-19 tests, vaccinations and conventional or intensive care hospitalizations. “The recent increase in hospitalizations has been due to non-vaccinated people,” the report said.

For example, on 11 July, 55 unvaccinated people and 7 vaccinated people were admitted to hospitals across France.

Of all hospital deaths during this period – 926 in total – between the end of May and June 11, 78 percent were from non-vaccinated people, 11% from those who were fully vaccinated and 11% from people who had only the first dose received.

The delta variant, in turn, is more visible in control trials when patients arrive at the hospital, suggesting that this strain “causes a slightly higher proportion of severe cases”. However, the range of cases studied does not allow general conclusions to be drawn, warns the agency that analyzed the data.

Currently, 7,236 people are hospitalized in French hospitals, with 1,015 patients in intensive care units, 23 more people than on Wednesday. In the last 24 hours, 25,190 new cases of COVID-19 were reported and 27 deaths linked to complications from the virus were detected.

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