In Germany, the guy breaks into a TV show and asks: “Where’s GTA 6?” | Play

In Germany, the guy breaks into a TV show and asks: "Where's GTA 6?"  |  Play

A somewhat unusual situation occurred on a TV show in Germany, when a young man friendly invaded the stage and asked the presenters: “Where’s GTA 6?”, referring to Play Grand Theft Auto VI.

It occurred on the program “Schlag den Star”, the German version of the British program “Beat the Star”, which had guest celebrities at the time. Evelyn Burdeki. In a friendly manner, the “invaders” introduced themselves and began talking to the presenter Elton and the guest, asking where GTA 6 is.

The moment the boy enters the stage (screenshot)

Interestingly, Elton and Evelyn Burdecki joined in on the fun, so much so that Evelyn said “But isn’t GTA 6 a game?” And Elton even said, “I haven’t even completed 5 yet”, all before security guards took the boy off the stage.

Grand Theft Auto VI, where gta 6, being developed by Rockstar Games, as rumors suggest that it will be Issued between 2024 and 2025, except one The actor has revealed that he is already working on one of the characters in the game. Despite this information and leaks, the manufacturer did not release official information.

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