In Kiev, detained “investors” who defrauded people for $ 5 million

In Kiev, detained "investors" who defrauded people for $ 5 million

The Kiev Police has revealed a fraud under the guise of investing in cryptocurrency. The attackers lured nearly $ 5 million from dozens of Ukrainian civilians.

The suspect deceived his victims by stating that he was trading on international stock exchanges. He suggested that the naive public invest in profitable projects. about this Reported Press Service of the Prosecutor General’s Office.

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The man and his operatives formed fictitious companies outside Ukraine with well-known brokerage companies and stock exchanges. In addition, the attackers opened several sites where electronic trading was simulated and cryptocurrency rates were broadcast.

The “investor” faces a criminal case over the fact of fraud. Eventually, after acquiring the funds, he did not engage in either investing in cryptocurrencies or managing assets on the “international stock exchange”.

Now the suspect is taking a preventive measure. Other individuals who may have been involved in illegal activities are still being identified.

before this Vgorode It is written that the cabinet of ministers is planning Resume financial aid Enterprises during a shutdown. The amount paid will depend on the average salary and prices in the area.

Too Vgorode Told that during the lockout, public transport in Kiev Keep working… True, the rule about the completeness of more than half the seats will return. No one canceled the mask.

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