‘In the face of the epidemic, an alliance is needed ??,’ says CEO of Natural & Company – cipoca Xosos

'In the face of the epidemic, an alliance is needed ??,' says CEO of Natural & Company - cipoca Xosos

Roberto Mars, CEO of Natural & CO (Photo: Disclosure)

Is CEO Nature & Co, Roberto Marx believes that the reactions to the atmosphere of discontent and frustration regarding the delay in vaccination in Brazil’s population and the country’s economic situation are under the impeachment of President Gair Bolsonaro. Instead, he defends the coalition movement. “In a time when humanity is facing both an epidemic and an environmental crisis, there is not much room for competition or political agendas. There has to be coalitions, everybody has to play in the same direction”, the executive says. In an exclusive interview with Estadow / Broadcast about its participation in the World Economic Forum in Davos, which took place in a virtual format this year.

Although the country’s fiscal deficit is worrisome, it is compatible with the continuation of emergency aid as long as the pace of vaccination does not allow the economy to resume in a natural way. As for the private sector mobilization in the purchase of vaccines, the executive says the company is open as long as the priorities of the Integrated Health System (SUS) are respected. Read below the main parts of the interview:

In Davos Forum you mentioned the importance of joint action by companies and governments in favor of green economy. What is your analysis of the situation in Brazil?

We see a change that has now begun with the United States accession to the Paris Agreement and already the US government has set a very aggressive agenda regarding environmental goals. It is very positive. Similarly, Europe already has a very strong agenda, which coincides greatly with environmental goals. China itself is entering a zero carbon emission target by 2060. We welcome governments and I think Latin America, even more than Brazil, has to fit into these agendas.

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Mr. Noted the importance of companies adopting environmental metrics with equal weight on financial indicators. How is this possible?

We envision and would prefer the same discipline of companies reporting their quarterly results to be adopted with an environmental agenda, whether they have suffered losses or not. Companies will have to report their progress, carbon index. Governments will have to do the same homework themselves. If we manage to work with science-based goals, clear tools, common goals and indicators, transparency and incentive mechanisms and clear responsibility for this, then I think we as a society, government and private initiative Can reach the goals we need.

Brazil entered the second wave of Kovid-19 without first resolving. What action is the private sector expected from the government to face the new chapter of this crisis?

During the critical period of the crisis, the Brazilian government had significant support functions. I think the crisis will continue for a longer period than everyone imagined. Thus, it is important for governments to understand and act on demands and needs. For example, the US government has already considered another aid package. Europe has already discussed it. Because the world has seen mutations in viruses and things, which has brought a big challenge of restrictions. Another aspect is vaccination. Brazil has a history of successful vaccination, an exemplary public system. Brazil is, and should be, an example in this regard, as it always has been. We have the opportunity to truly use this business with an integrated health system of effective immunization. What the private sector can help the government in this sense is important, but it has a relevant government role within it.

A new round of emergency assistance is under discussion. Given the current state of Brazilian public debt, what is your opinion on the extent of profit?

The first concern is to keep the economy and emergency aid as an important thing, especially as long as we are able to reach the level of vaccination for a more general restoration of life and economy. Concerns about losses and debt are very relevant. This is not an easy equation worldwide, nor in Brazil. Everything we have seen in the world is a priority in maintaining certain types of income and economic activities. The hypothesis is that, if this does not happen, the latter effect is becoming more distorted in the long run for the economy and for government accounts.

How do you evaluate the possibility of purchasing vaccines from the private sector? Is Natura participating in these discussions?

Our situation is very simple. We have to respect the priorities coming from the health system for vaccination. That is, honor those who need the vaccine first, either by age or health status. We should not discriminate with income. It is very important. (About) Private initiative participation, we will remain open, as long as it was respected. We would not like to buy vaccines to prioritize natural employees.

Brazil has a high level of dissatisfaction with the government’s performance in the epidemic, delaying vaccination while the world advances in vaccination. What is the notion of Mr. About the possibility of impeachment of President Zaire Bolsonro?

This level of discontent and frustration is happening in many places in the world, not just Brazil. Britain is going through a very difficult time, with Germany imposing strict restrictions. This feeling of despair associated with the issue of vaccines and their delivery systems is no exception in Brazil, the world is learning to deal with this distribution. We need to look around that common sense, but with the concept of how we are going to solve it. At a time when humanity is facing both an epidemic and an environmental crisis, there is not much room for a contest agenda or political agenda. There has to be an alliance, everybody has to play in the same direction. For these issues that endanger humanity, we do not have to be a competition lens, on behalf of companies, or a political agenda.

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Is impeachment not a good solution, then?

I do not want to be on the policy agenda. Brazil is not the only country to deal with this context of dissatisfaction. The way to approach this is to seek solutions in a collective and multilateral way, not with conflicting or political agendas. s. State of Paulo.

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